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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG is an international electronics group specializing in the field of electronic test equipment since 1933 with a focus on wireless communications.  Rohde & Schwarz acquired HAMEG Instruments in 2005 and all HAMEG equipment has been rebranded Rohde & Schwarz since 2014.  TTid historically has only represented the HAMEG range of instruments so this site focuses predominantly on those instruments within the R&S portfolio that were once HAMEG and are now part of the "Value Instruments" range.

Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HM8150 Arbitrary Generator - front HM8150 12.5MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HMF8525 Function Generator - front HMF2525 25MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HMF2550 function Generator - front HMF2550 50MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HM8143 DC Power Supply - front HM8143 Triple DC Power Supply
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HMP2030 DC power supply - front HMP2030 Triple high performance DC Power Supply
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HMP4030 DC Power Supply - front HMP4030 Triple high performance DC Power Supply
R&S NGE100 DC Power Supply - front panel NGE100 Series DC Power Supply with 2 and 3 channel models
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HM8123 Frequency Counter - front HM8123 3GHz Frequency Counter with TCXO or OCXO
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HM8118 Programmable LCR bridge meter - front HM8118 LCR Bridge meter
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HMC8012 digital multimeter - front HMC8012 Digital Multimeter, 5.75 digit, 0.015% basic accuracy (DC) with or without GPIB
Rohde & Schwarz ZNLE VNA - front ZNLE Series Vector Network Analyzer with 3 and 6 GHz models
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HMO2024 HMO compact series oscilloscope HMO Compact Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope models from 70 to 200MHz, 2 or 4 channels
Rohde & Schwarz HMO1002 series oscilloscope - front HMO1002 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope models from 50 to 100MHz, 2 channels
Rohde & Schwarz HMO1202 series oscilloscope - front HMO1202 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope models from 100 to 300MHz, 2 channels
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HMO3004 HMO3000 compact series oscilloscope HMO3000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope models from 300MHz to 500MHz, 2 or 4 channels
Rohde & Schwarz RTB2004 (RTB2000 Series) Oscilloscope - front RTB2000 Series Digital Oscilloscope with 2 or 4 channel versions and bandwidth options
Rohde & Schwarz RTH Scope Rider handheld Oscilloscope - front RTH1000 Series Scope Rider Handheld digital oscilloscope with 2 or 4 channels, 60 to 500MHz
 Accessories Accessories for Rohde & Schwarz equipment
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HZ42 rack kit (shown with HMP2030) Rack Mount Kits Rack Mount Kits for Rohde & Schwarz
R&S logo Options Options for R&S Equipment
Rohde & Schwarz FPC1000 Spectrum Analyzer - front FPC1000 Spectrum Analyzer with bandwidth options up to 3GHz
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HMX-X Spectrum Analyzer - front HMS-X Spectrum Analyzer 1.6 GHz
Rohde & Schwarz ZPH Cable Rider cable and antenna analyzer - front ZPH Cable Rider Cable and Antenna Analyzer 2MHz to 3GHz with upgrade options via keycode
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HZ51 150MHz probe Voltage Probes Rohde & Schwarz voltage probes
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